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Since i was a kid i've been on this mission to figure out why some people are happy and some are not.  Why some people are successful and why are others not.  What's my purpose here in life?  For a long time i wondered why i was put here to be a miserable human.  Why did i do everything i was "suppose to" and nothing ever seemed to work out.  How come my prayers never seemed to get answered.  Turns out i was so miserable and nothing worked out BECAUSE i was doing everything everyone said i was "suppose to".  In 2020 I discovered Human Design while i was going through a divorce and it answered all the questions i've ever had about life.  There is not one subject i havn't been able to find the answer to by looking at my chart or the charts of others.  I have studied many religions, 12 step programs, and self help books and i started seeing the similarities in all of them but there was always something missing that i felt like i couldn't find.  Human design was the missing puzzle piece.

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