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So what is Human Design?

Going through a divorce set me on a path of self discovery. I wanted the formula for a fullfilled life and I was going to find it. One day I was googling (back then google was who i turned to for all my answers) "how to find your purpose". Jenna Zoe's website came up and I was immediately sucked in. I put in my first, last name, birth date, birth time and location of birth and I found something that blew my mind. I may not have gotten told the career that would immediately fix all my problems like i had hoped for but I got the answers to things I had wondered my whole life. I was in shock that the words i was reading on the screen knew exactly who my soul was. And before that point i didn't even know it was my soul. I didn't know what it was but i now know that little voice in me i had been ignoring my whole life was actually something i should've listened to. In that short amount of time i stumbled across the first thing in my life that gave me self acceptance. My whole life I had been trying to change who i was to try to fit in everyone else's box and It. Was. Misery. For the life of me I could not figure out what was wrong with me, why I seemed so different from everybody else and why things never seemed to work out. That day I learned it's because i was not meant to. I felt free. Finally. Like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. And that got me wondering how many other people there were that felt just like me.

So what is Human Design? I like to think of Human Design as astrology on steroids. It takes ancient teachings of Astrology, The I'Ching, Kabbalah, Chakra's and modern science of Quantum Mechanics, Astronomy, Genetics and Biochemistry. In 1987 Ra Uru Hu heard a "voice" as he calls it for 8 straight days and nights giving him the formula for the Human Design System. He then spent several years experimenting with the information and dedicated his life spreading his knowledge. In 1781, we transformed from 7 centered (mind directed) human beings to 9 centered (inner directed) human beings. Knowledge of using our Type, Strategy, and Authority correctly helps us shift out of our mind and lets our inner wisdom guide us properly.

To get your free chart on my website you will need your First and Last name, Birth Date, EXACT Birth Time(or your chart will not be accurate) and place of birth. Your Type, Strategie, and Authority are first and foremost. Your Type tells you how your energy/aura works, your Strategie tells you how to be met with least resistance, and your Auhority tells you how you make decisions specifically designed for you. If you can follow that then the rest of your chart will naturally fall into place. I still thoroughly enjoyed learning about my whole chart though. There is so much to learn I don't think I could ever dive deep enough in. For me, learning about my whole chart was healing because some of my greatest gifts were the parts of me i was always trying to change. In fact pretty much everything i was meant to do, i was doing the opposite... and trying to use my mind for everything created so much anxiety. That's why I was met with so much resistance. Imagine if the parts of yourself you've hated or judged the most were actually there for your highest good. Learning all these aspects of self helps you be at peace with who you really are. And who doesn't want that. We live in a society where every little thing is labeled as good or bad but what if we could look at it in a different way? What if we were all just made differently and there was in fact nothing wrong with us.

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